Conditional is Just Subjunctive

Release from the first short movie written and directed by VisualSusana in 2013, Conditional is just Subjunctive. Defined as auteur cinema, the director wants to capture the magic of that unique moment in life when a chance passes by your hands, and you decide either take it or not, and those who choose to stay in the repentance. Starring Vincent Pineau and Andrea Gabriele Hackl, the shot took place in Ruigoord, near Amsterdam, thanks to…

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Photography Streaming event

HAY TOR-Tor-TORTILLA streaming event Amsterdam-Buenos Aires

Hay Tor- tor- Tortilla  (How to cook society and make it submissive) is a colour photography and text exhibition that represents a parody from the society cupola and their implicit strategies to manipulate people. The images follow the shape of a cooking recipe, done in toilets. What could be cocked in a toilet… ? This piece is a work from Ddpendientes, Vanessa Alami as photographer and VisualSusana art director and writer, with the special collaboration…

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