Poesía al Desnudo exhibition in Amsterdam

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Poesía al Desnudo (Madrid 2005) was made in the studio of the photography artist Chus de la Cruz. It is a nude photography serie where the model paints her body with her own poetry. Here starts the first piece of a series that travels through the age of the visual artist and writer VisualSusana and the photographer Vanessa Alami, Black and Red and White, where both artists combine photography and art direction in a delicate form. This series represents a very intimate piece and marks the beginning of the style the future projects will follow when both artists gather together.

A piece from the series by Chus de la Cruz has been published in the photography book used in the school Metropolis in Madrid and another won the London Photographic Association LPA contest.

Still fresh and timeless the piece travels to the heart of Amsterdam, to Head Enlight District, where it has been exposed for a month by the hand of A. Molinardi. The exhibition was presented together with some pieces from the series Wrapped (Emplasticados) and Bodies, the nude series from Vanessa.

Check more pictures from these projects on Vanessa’s website

Link to the gallery

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