Líneas, No Rectas.

Independent Photography

Líneas, No Rectas (Lines, non Straight) is a photography series where visual illusion plays the main role. Describing a line as a flexible concept (línea) and contrasting it with the rigidity of a straight line (recta); depending only on the perspective we give to our eye, any line can be seen as straight.

The photographer Vanessa Alami delights us with an illusion that shows her power of taking a good angle on her images. Her eye lead us towards a facet of the image that is usually unnoticed. VisualSusana accompanies with the body painting and the art on set.

This is a white and black photography series where the magic a pregnant body experiences emphasises the piece Ddpendientes created in 2015 in Barcelona with the special collaboration, once more, of Punto’s.

The flexibility a body can present in such state melts perfectly in the essence of the project. The concept of having a different impression of reality when your perspective point changes is a pre to prove with these images.

Link to the gallery

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