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Refugios (Refuges) is the first fiction feature from the director Alejandro Cortés. A fragmented story in which the main characters’ past tangles with the present, confronting their present mindset and complicating their future. The premiere took place in the official section of the All Lights India International Film Festival, where it was nominated for the best Director’s Debut award. It is been selected since in other festivals in the USA, Spain, India, Argentina, Germany and…

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Feature film Photography

Buenos Aires, Argentina

In the spring of 2013 the third shooting phase from the auteur film Refuges, directed by Alejandro Cortés, joined Ddpendientes in the chaotic city of Buenos Aires. The chance was productive enough and also presented the opportunity to do other parallel collaborations. In this period the artist Vanessa Alami is set in Buenos Aires, the photography collective Maispira gets started. This professional visual platform had other photography and visual artists involved besides Vanessa, like Alejandra León,…

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